COVID Innovations Fund

Request for Proposal

The Wyoming Health & Bioscience Hub is seeking proposals for solutions to COVID issues in the state of Wyoming. The CARES Wyoming program has provided funds to support entrepreneurs, researchers, faculty, and business owners who propose projects addressing the COVID pandemic. Proposals may include drugs for prevention or treatment, tests, devices, or systems for delivery of COVID solutions. Proposal content should include descriptions of the benefits to the State of Wyoming upon success of the project and the extent to which efforts are conducted within the state.

Funding will support selected projects through the end of 2020. Proposals must be received by 30 October 2020. Please submit proposals through the COVID Innovation fund portal on the Wyoming Health & Bioscience Innovation Hub website, The Hub COVID Innovation page contains guidelines, FAQs, and templates helpful to teams proposing solutions.




This program intends to fund innovative efforts which address the COVID situation in Wyoming. The funded efforts may be categorized as:

    • drugs to prevent or treat COVID infection
    • tests to detect COVID presence
    • distribution or deployment systems for rapid test results, vaccines, or treatments

Read through our COVID Innovations FAQs >


Interested researchers and teams must prepare a proposal outlining their solution to a COVID issue. WORD format is preferred, and a proposal template is available. The proposal is submitted to the Wyoming Innovation Health & Bioscience Hub via the website portal. Proposals should not exceed 5 pages with fonts no smaller than 11 point.


A proposal is requested from interested teams by 30 October 2020. Responses to proposals will be available soon after submission. Funding will be available as proposals are reviewed and approved. Funds need to be expended by the end of the 2020 calendar year.



A small team will review the proposals. The proposing team may be asked to deliver a presentation, probably via Zoom. The team will need to complete a Target Product Profile and an updated development plan.

Periodic reviews will be held for each program to evaluate progress. These reviews may be conducted in partnership with experts recruited for these reviews. Teams are expected to participate in reviews, document progress, and track progress and goals.

Use of Funds

Funds may be applied to materials, development tests, assays, equipment needs, facility costs, and consultant, technician, intern, or postgraduate support expenses.

Submit Your Proposal

Submit Your Proposal

To Apply:

Please consider the following criteria in contemplating a proposal to SPARK Wyoming.

  • Description of the unmet need within the COVID pandemic and within Wyoming
  • Scientific background of the solution and why it will work
  • Description of the targeted product or solution
  • Description of the benefit to Wyoming with the proposed solution
  • Description of the activity to be carried out within the Wyoming ecosystem
  • Description of the presence in Wyoming as this project moves through phases and to completion beyond the initial funding period
  • Description of the eventual footprint within Wyoming should some initial activity be external to Wyoming
  • Description of the progress at the end of the calendar year that this funding will support, how does funding move the project forward
  • Prospective timing of the solution for clinical test availability for or commercialization
  • Describe the short term minimally viable product or solution and compare to the long-term viability. Describe conditions other than COVID the solution may address
  • Intellectual property status
  • Overview of the development plan
  • Team member composition, background, and level of engagement
  • Facilities required and available
  • Proposed budget, suggested maximum is $250,000.

Download proposal template

Target Product Profile

Download Target product profile Template