SPARK Wyoming FAQs

What sort of science and technology will be of interest for the SPARK program?

Any bioscience technology for drugs, devices, tests, and assays for human or animal health will be considered. A critical factor will be in determining whether there is potential for a problem to be solved and a product or service to be created.

What is the level of funding?

SPARK Wyoming anticipates funding a project up to $50K in direct expenses for one year. Potentially, support for a second year is possible dependent upon progress and plans.

What are responsibilities undertaken by the selected teams?

Teams must commit to receiving advisor input, to undergo reviews, to submit periodic status and progress reports, and to regularly participate in presentations to advisors and a wider group of faculty and experts. (See FAQ number 9). Advisors will be selected on the basis of scientific and business expertise and experience. SPARK Wyoming anticipates these advisors will follow the project through its existence in the program.

What is the timeframe for a supported project?

SPARK Wyoming will support a program for one year.  Second year support is possible contingent upon progress as outlined in the reports and plan from the team.

How is funding distributed?

Funding will be distributed as needed as teams meet milestones and require funds.

How are periodic reports submitted?

Progress reports will be submitted through the Bioscience Hub website. Reviews will be scheduled such that various faculty and experts can attend. Templates for review content exist on the SPARK page of the Bioscience Hub website.

Are faculty salaries supported?

Salaries for graduate students and post-docs will be supported if necessary. Salary support for faculty team members will depend on circumstances and justification.

What is the cycle for proposals and funding?

We plan to solicit and receive proposals through-out the year. We will convene reviewers around mid- Spring and plan to have new projects underway beginning in September. Since 2020 is the first year of operation, we will review proposals as received with the intent of starting projects as soon as practical.

Why does a team spend time on proposals, Target Product Profiles, progress reports, and presentations?

SPARK Wyoming is a member of the SPARK Global network and follows the process established by the SPARK community. Education and attaining experience are critical factors in the SPARK process. We believe that these activities significantly contribute to the overall education and experience. Specifically, these activities give teams experience at communicating complex project attributes to unfamiliar audiences in concise and efficient terms.