SPARK Wyoming

What is SPARK?

SPARK Wyoming translates ideas into great bioscience projects and solutions through education, mentorship, and financial support. Read through our SPARK FAQs >

What is the SPARK Strategy?

SPARK Wyoming carefully selects high-quality translational projects based upon excellent science and unmet need and applies industrial standards of clear differentiation, maintenance of a project strategy, experimental design, data-integrity, replicability, and early IP filings.

How does SPARK Wyoming operate?

Project strategies are created through proposals and target product profiles and monitored through periodic presentations. A strong emphasis on project management discipline is employed. SPARK Wyoming has critical dependence on advisors attached to a project or participating in review panels. SPARK Wyoming in cooperation with the selected teams and advisor group will monitor progress, control funding increments, and add to the educational experience through the use of periodic status reports and live presentations.

Project teams propose funding needs, timing, and milestones. Funding increments are based upon milestone achievement. Funds may be used for experiments, external testing, materials required by project, and travel in direct connection to project.

There is a strong emphasis on identifying education opportunities for project teams.

The Hub and SPARK Wyoming will facilitate input and assistance from the Wyoming Technical Transfer Office, external legal resources, and external regulatory resources.

SPARK Wyoming facilitates SPARK team use of resources, connections, advice, and education available in entire Health & Bioscience Innovation Hub.

Submit Your Proposal

Submit Your Proposal

To Apply:

Please consider the following criteria in contemplating a proposal to SPARK Wyoming.

  1. What is the description of the unmet need?
  2. What is the scientific rational?
  3. How will this effort result in a differentiated product?
  4. Who composes the team and what is the level of engagement for each member?
  5. What is the intellectual property status?

SPARK Wyoming Proposal Content

  • Scientific Background
    • Problem, Solution, Why it will work
  • Targeted Product
  • Clinical Indication
  • IP Status
  • Potential Hurdles
  • Potential Market Description
  • Translational Objectives
  • Development Plan

Download proposal template

Download Target Product Profile